||Review|| Shatter Me Series

When I started reading this series, I was a bit unsure about it. Usually when there is a lot of hype around a book/series, I find that it doesn’t meet my expectations. After receiving a beautiful coaster with one of Juliette’s quotes in my first OwlCrate this past month, I decided to pick up the series! Let me tell you, I loved them! The titles are so true to the emotions brought on by reading them. The first book, Shatter Me, literally shattered my view on some of the characters and broke my heart. The second book, Unravel Me, had so much going on in it I basically lost my mind. The last book, Ignite Me, was so full of passion,anger, and love. I couldn’t contain my feels! So if you are interested in reading my full review.. continue reading! WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!


These books killed me. I was so up and down through each book. I don’t even know the best way to review them. There is so much content I would want to cover… and just not enough time. Maybe one day I will go through and review each one individually.

This series is all about Juliette. She has this power that she doesn’t understand. The beginning of her journey, she believes she is a monster. With a lethal touch, she can kill anyone easily. She has spent most of her life locked away in detention centers, hospitals, jails, and now an asylum. She has spent her life not knowing the touch of someone who loves her. It is a very lonely life. Its not until she meets Adam that she experiences what life is supposed to be like. He is the first person who cares about her. He wants to help her and he works undercover with The Reestablishment to save her. Their relationship bothered me a lot in the last two books. Only because I feel like Adam became very whiny and clingy, while Juliette was just trying to figure out who she was. (I mean heck she was locked away for so long and never spoke a word to anyone) But their relationship was real and I have to give them that. I loved them together in the beginning… but they evolved into different people…

There are two people in this series that really made it for me…

Kenji.. my comic relief! The perfect best friend figure, not only for Adam, but also for Juliette. He was sarcastic, funny, caring, smart… basically the perfect guy! He was passionate about the work being done at Omega Point and he was quite fearless. Plus… Invisibility?!?! Coolest power ever. He really became a favorite of mine in the third book. He trusted Juliette’s judgment with Warner and stood by her even though it meant getting heat from the others. It was also nice to see a true friendship relationship between a male and female character that seemed genuine… Princess and Kenny BFF for life!

Warner. My dear dear Warner. Let me tell you about the most amazing character transformation of all time… When I originally started this series my friend Kaitlan warned me about something. She said that I would hate a character but they would redeem themselves and I would love them. Now originally I thought she meant Adam (after betraying Juliette and bringing her to Warner, then saving her) but as I read on I think she meant Warner (am I right Kait?) throughout Shatter Me and most of Unravel Me I hated Warner. He was ruthless, manipulative, and down right scary. His only saving grace was that he actually somewhat kind to Juliette while she was in his care. Then all of  a sudden we see this dramatic change with in him. We learn of his past, his true plans for Juliette, what he has really been doing while working under his father… I texted Kaitlan instantly and asked “I might have jumped ship and now I’m team Warner” After learning all this new information, I looked back on his actions previously that I thought were horrific and saw them through new eyes. It was a complete 180! Lets just say Aaron Warner Anderson has made his way onto my book boyfriend list… and he is pretty high up there.

I don’t want to spoil all of the plot of the books.. so here is my final thoughts on this series. I loved the way Tahereh Mafi created and developed these characters. The last page had me begging for more. All in all the plot had all the components that make a great book and I am happy on how it ended.. (other than the fact I want more Warner and Juliette…) I would definitely recommend this to anyone… mostly lovers of dystopian novels. I also recommend the two novellas that are published in Unite Me.. (mostly since one is told in Warner’s perspective!)

I give this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!

Thank you for reading my review!

Happy Reading Loves!

– Sarah

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